Annemarie Huisman  ||  Owner, Maker

Annemarie Huisman, owner and designer of Hawk & Field, started her hand fabricated jewelry line in 2016. Her life-long love of gemstones, treasures of the natural world, wild creatures and wild places is imbedded in all her work. Each piece is inspired by nature, designed with intention and hand fabricated with care. She believes that jewelry holds an undeniable power to celebrate life’s special events and collect personal memories as it’s worn and cherished through the years. She creates pieces for longevity using high quality materials, meant to be worn everyday, wherever life’s adventures and occasions may take you. Her desire is that each special jewel will become the wearer’s new heirloom, imbued with their own unique story.

Her jewelry collections range from simple, classic pieces to OOAK statement pieces. Transparency and sustainability in sourcing materials is a top priority. All pieces are made with recycled silver and gold and select collections feature American mined gemstones.

Hawk & Field products are made by her, by hand in her jewelry studio located in the beautiful Sierra Valley, Ca. “My day at the bench often starts with a Redtail Hawk or Golden Eagle flying past the window and perching in the tall pine trees that surround my studio. At day’s end while closing up shop for the evening, Great Horned Owls begin hooting as the setting sun paints the sky a brilliant pink blush. This close contact with the natural world fills my soul with honest joy that informs and inspires all my work.”